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Drew Green of Green Unlimited has continued to provide exemplary customer service.  Besides providing some of the best options in products and programs that cater to the customer, he always makes sure that claims and follow up are completed in a prompt and courteous manner.  Drew has helped in offering best business practices and is always looking for space to create value for our customers.  He personally makes himself available for me and our dealership on each and every occasion.  I look forward to many years of continued relationship with Drew and his team.  Thank you Drew for all the hard work and support!

Ryan Park

Finance Manger

Haydocy Buick GMC

Drew Green has been our Mazda Extended Confidence Representative since Mazda moved away from EasyCare. In that time he has always gotten me answers to questions on the products in a timely manner and provided me with any tools that I might have needed to increase sales of Mazda Extended Confidence Products. I look forward to having a continued relationship with him. 

Brian Gaynor

Finance Manager

Jake Sweeny Mazda

Drew Green has been by far one of the most dedicated representatives I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has always given a high level of attention to any concerns Germain Mazda has ever had in regard to product training, warranty remittance, and expanding any claims. The results of his attention has always been satisfactory and in most cases will above expectations. Drew’s actions seem to always be genuine and sincere. You could say he was a part of the team. There have even been occasions when a manager was on vacation and he shower up to fill in. He would make sure that deals were penciled, F&I did not get back logged, and even made sure the lot debris was cleaned dup after a wind storm. His high level of integrity and professionalism reflect credit to himself, his employer, and his family. After doing business with Drew, I can say that I have made a true friend. He is the kind of person you want to surround yourself with. A boost to moral for other employees as his is always wiling to lend a hand. 


I am happy to endorse Drew Green on almost any aspect of day to day activities that happen in a car dealership. He would be an asset to any company seeking his employment. Please feel free to contact me if there are any concerns. 

Tadeusz Sosniak III

General Manager/Finance Director

Germain Mazda of Columbus

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